Preparing Employees for Jobs

Smart Jobs Solutions, does an extensive process for preparing the employees/worker to work with employers.

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Eligibility to Work

Every applicant’s photo identity and social insurance number validity is checked. When social insurance number is covered with work permit, its eligibility is verified.

Physical Condition

Applicant’s physical condition is verified for allergy, disability and dexterity. Also, each applicant is to sign a consent form stating that he is able and willing to work without any physical disability.

Health and Safety

Films on WHIMS and GMP handouts are shown and thereafter test papers are given for solving to check applicant’s quick grasping ability. Only those applicants who grasp more than 80% of the information are considered eligible.

Recruitment Process

  • Understanding Requirements and Performance Standard
  • Recruitment/Short listing/Transfer of relevant Candidates
  • Registering details – Validating Employee Information (Wherever required)
  • Training 1 – As per Smart Jobs Solutions Standards
  • Training 2 – As per Company/Client requirement
  • Monitoring and Assessment of employees though client supervisor
  • Retraining – When Required
  • Monitor and Manage Performance.

Training Programs (General Labour)

Standard Training offered to General Labour employees of Smart Jobs Solutions Inc depending on industry and clients requirement.

Health Safety & law Accident incident reporting
Emergency Measures Safety Policy
Back Care – Safe Lifting Dock Safety
Elevated Work é Ladder Use Housekeeping / Slips / Trips / Falls
WHIMS Compressed Air
Hearing Conservation Confined Space
Hand Safety Program First Aid
Safety Ruless  

We Deliver

Criminal Check

As and when desired by our clients, criminal check is done by appropriate authority. Applicants with clean criminal record are considered suitable for jobs.


In-house transportation option for employees.

24/7 phone service

Our staff is assigned to response quickly for any additional / replacement related matters on phone call. If our client has any concern they can call us anytime if any trouble arises.

Additional requirement

Additional requirements from the clients on top of regular orders are always welcome. These additional requirements can be taken as emergency addition in case production requirements change.


If an employee is found lazy, non cooperative or sick then we need to be informed within two hours of work, replacement will be made within two hours after the communication is received. Client will not be charged for number of hours worked by a person who is found lazy, non cooperative or sick on that day

We Cover


All government liabilities e.g. EI (employment insurance), CPP (Canada pension plan), WSIB (work place safety and insurance board), Health tax etc will be taken care by us.

Statutory holidays

Statutory holiday payment will be made by us, and will be included in our quotation.

Vacation pay

4% vacation pay is paid to all employees based on number of hours worked.

Over time payment

If an employee works more than 44 hours a week then payment will be made one and half times, ensuring it should not exceed more than 60 hours a week as per rules.

Payroll expenses

Incurring expenditure to execute the payroll is borne by us.